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against type    character actor     designer stubble     Hawksian woman     homage    

method actor     Star System     Ulmer Scale

Direction & Cinematography

180 Degree Rule     Alan Smithee     auteur     blocking     continuity     Dutch angle

Eastwood Rule     establishing shot     framing (a shot)     Hawksian woman    

make-out movie     POV shot     scewball comedy    


continuity     ellipsis    juxtaposition & montage     MTV-style editing


above-the-line     development hell     packaging     points     production value     Star System

Studio System     turnaround

Post Production

CGI (computer-generated imagery)     VFX (visual effects)


commercial plot    development hell     Holmes epiphany     homage     master scene script    

meet cute     payoff    scewball comedy     script doctor     three-act structure


old man

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