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LloydLloyd  Noun, e.g. George Marley said he chose the name Lloyd to symbolize down-and-out middle-age men because he had never met a Lloyd younger than 40.

Definition: Middle-aged male actor who looks down and out.

History: Based on a 1970s screenplay titled “Town of 1,000 Lloyds” by George Marley that chronicled a year in the life of a jobless middle-aged steel worker named Lloyd Burris during the Great Depression. The movie was never made, but the screenplay became a joke in Hollywood for, among other things, insisting that all buildings be red brick and all skies be gray. Remembered most was the screenplay’s opening scene in which Lloyd awakens lying on the linoleum floor of a fleabag motel beside an empty bottle of booze.

The image of Lloyd is detailed by the screenwriter: 45 to 55, thin, deep circles beneath the eyes, sagging jowls, a prematurely lined forehead and receding hairline. The trick for casting directors is finding actors in Hollywood who match the description.

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